The Devil’s Bridge

Having seen countless breathtaking photos of the Devil’s Bridge on Instagram, I had to experience it for myself. If you’re wondering where to find this impressive rock formation, it is located on the outskirts of Sedona, Arizona. When you type it in on maps, it will take you directly to the parking lot and from there, you will find signs pointing to the trailhead. Once you arrive, there are many trails to get you there, ranging from easy to difficult. These are all out and back trails, meaning you return the same way you came. I took the easy route, and it ran about 4.2 miles to the top (about an hour and a half). While this may not look like an easy hike, it is relatively flat for the most part; the steeper part begins around the latter quarter of the hike.

I went in mid-March, and it was a relatively cool day, but it got quite warm quickly. I always bring my 2.5 L Osprey hydration pack in my backpack, but any container will do. Just make sure you bring enough water (about one liter per hour on a hot day) because there is nowhere to fill up your container once you begin hiking. In addition, there is very little shade, so wear a hat and sunscreen and moisture-wicking clothing with UPF. You may work up a sweat when making your way up, but it can get chilly once you’re up there, so don’t forget to pack an extra layer. I am sad to say that I did not get a picture of myself walking across the bridge itself; I wouldn’t have made it to the front of the line before the sun set. Wait times can be upwards of an hour during peak season. If taking an Insta-worthy photo is on your to-do list, then the line is definitely worth the wait!

The views are incredible throughout the journey, not just once you reach the top, although the best view is undoubtedly at the top. I don’t mind hikes that are purely about reaching the pinnacle, but I definitely prefer ones with little sights along the way. Among these sights, I saw fields of balanced rocks, a work of art, really. (Probably made by tourists). You can even try stacking your own! The trail on the way back becomes much easier because the majority of it is downhill. I hope you enjoy this hike as much as I did!

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